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Leading the trend of skin testing AI technology, focusing on skin health and beauty

Shenzhen Yiyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changfu Jinmao Building, Futian District, Shenzhen. Master and doctor in AI and high-performance computing, algorithm talents from Tencent/Sina/Lenovo/Vipshop background, and senior practitioners in the medical field.
The emphasis on letting AI lead human progress is because artificial intelligence is an extension of human intelligence, and the ultimate purpose of researching artificial intelligence is to benefit mankind. The research and application of learning technology can enhance human vision, improve production efficiency, and bring convenience to people; stimulate human creativity and bring happiness, inspiration and motivation to people.
Top Internet and AI Team
First-class Medical and Device Experts and Consultants
Leading Advantages of Skin Testing AI in Health and Beauty Industry Market Capacity and Demand
AI underlying framework and API platform also demonstrate business in other health fields potential
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